Acoustic Screens for Industrial Use

Once again our Acoustic Screens for industrial use have been specified and this time for a factory in Glasgow.  The Acoustic Screens are designed to screen personnel from nearby noise sources such as noisy machinery to protect their ears.  Noise from machines is often a problem that is difficult to address due to their size or location and constant exposure to loud noise can result in damage to the ears and even deafness.  So it is important to ensure that personnel are protected as much as possible and our mobile Acoustic Screens is one way of doing that.  The Acoustic Screens are supplied with a perforated face that is the side that faces the noise source and will do two things.  One is to absorb the noise therefore reducing the echo effect when it would otherwise bounce back and the other is to make the sound blocking performance of the screen more effective.  The back of the screens are solid steel and this acts as a sound blocker that is enhanced by the sound absorber sandwiched between it and the perforated steel face.  The Acoustic Screens can be butted together to make larger screens and because they can be supplied on castors, can be easily wheeled around to other locations when the need arises.  They are supplied paint primed ready for finishing by the customer in a colour of their choice or can simply remain as they are.  Acoustic Screens in industrial premises often have a hard life and will suffer a lot of knocks during the course of their life so are often not worth a top coat of paint.  Where ease of mobility may not be required, the Acoustic Screens can be supplied free standing which is worthwhile if they are to remain in one place most of the time.  They are available in any size up to a maximum of 2m high by 1.2m wide.  To ensure they remain stable, it is not recommended they are produced any higher but could be produced wider if required.  For more information on our industrial grade Acoustic Screens and other soundproofing products for industry, go to our commercial web site at


About Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd

UK Stockists and suppliers of a wide range of soundproofing and acoustic insulation materials for blocking and absorbing noise. We have been specialists in soundproofing and sound absorption since 1969 so one of the longest established businesses in the noise control industry.
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