SoundBlocker Quilt Acoustic Infill for walls and timber joists

SoundBlocker Quilt acoustic infill for stud walls and timber joisted floors and ceilings has been specified and supplied for a B&B in East Sussex to help comply with Part E Building Regulations for the control of noise through a separating floor as part of an upgrade to meet Part E compliance.  SoundBlocker Quilt is a unique product designed to be used instead of the normal mineral wool infill between joists of floors and ceilings and is up to four times more efficient acoustically.  SoundBlocker Quilt although a lot more expensive than the usual mineral wool used, is the preferred option for many installers looking for a higher degree of soundproofing when upgrading existing floors to fully soundproofed separating floors.  This is because it is produced using recycled sheep’s wool along with a recycled sound barrier mat sandwiched in the middle making it not only more efficient acoustically but also better thermally and much nicer to handle than the itchy mineral wool alternative products.  It is also available in a much more useful 6m long rolls in 600mm and 1200mm widths.  The 600mm width is deigned to fit between joists with no cutting or trimming other than cutting to length.  When dropped between the joists the edges of the quilt lap up the sides of the joists and this where it has to be fixed to seal it in.  Fixing can be with staples or battens.  The 1200mm width is more often used for the acoustic infill in stud partitions and again, would have to be fixed into the frame in the same manner as for floor joists.  More information on our SoundBlocker Quilt can be viewed on our commercial web site or call us on 01993704981


About Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd

UK Stockists and suppliers of a wide range of soundproofing and acoustic insulation materials for blocking and absorbing noise. We have been specialists in soundproofing and sound absorption since 1969 so one of the longest established businesses in the noise control industry.
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