New Soundproofing Materials On-line Shopping Cart

Because our old soundproofing materials on-line shopping cart was three years old and sometimes gave problems with customers unable to complete an order, we have now commissioned a new on-line shopping cart for soundproofing and sound absorbing materials.  No doubt there will be a few bugs to iron out but we feel confident this new cart will be easier to navigate and place orders when it has been decided what sound insulation is required.  The new cart also has the added advantage of knowing what the freight costs are going to be before going on to finalise an order.  Something the old cart did not have.  With the old cart it was not known what the freight costs would be until the page before entering the payment details.  Like the old cart, the new one accepts payment for purchases by both card and PayPal giving our customers more choice on how they want to pay.

All of the sound insulation on the shopping cart are stock items and there is a choice of next day delivery or the standard service that takes a bit longer.  All orders received before noon are dispatched the same day so if the order is required quickly, then delivery can be made the following day.

For those that are near enough, they can also call in and collect their acoustic insulation requirements with no delay.  All of the products detailed on the new cart are stock items available for collection by those whose requirements are a lot more urgent.  The new cart is also linked through from our domestic web site and for those that would rather go directly for their soundproofing the new cart address is  If urgency is the keyword, then call us on 01993704981.


About Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd

UK Stockists and suppliers of a wide range of soundproofing and acoustic insulation materials for blocking and absorbing noise. We have been specialists in soundproofing and sound absorption since 1969 so one of the longest established businesses in the noise control industry.
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