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QuietBoard Acoustic Floor Boards

QuietBoard Acoustic Floor Boards has again been used in a project in London SW where a higher degree of sound insulation is required through a floor.  Because QuietBoard is a high density cement impregnated tongued and grooved chipboard, it is … Continue reading

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Soundproof a Ceiling

As you may know, our thin SoundBlocker Membrane is a lightweight sound barrier mat designed to upgrade the soundproofing of a ceiling when installed between layers of high density acoustic Plasterboard.  Because this product is thin and floppy, it can … Continue reading

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Acoustic Underlay

Using our SBM5 Soundproofing Mat in addition to our popular QuietFloor Plus Acoustic Underlay for beneath carpets and engineered wood floors to control noise through a floor is being ordered a lot more these days.  The additional mass of 5kg/m2 … Continue reading

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Floating Floors for Domestic Noise Control

Our popular 10mm R10 resilient sound insulation for floating floors has again been used for domestic use to upgrade the sound insulation of a separating floor in a flat located in north west London.  R10 was originally introduced as part … Continue reading

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Domestic Website Blog

We are currently running a series on how to soundproof a floor on our domestic website blog accessed from  For more information go to .  The soundproofing a floor series follows on from the soundproof a wall series … Continue reading

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