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Acousticel R10 and Separating Floors

The Acousticel R10 resilient system of floating floors combined with our SBM5 sound barrier mat and QuietBoard, high density tongued and grooved acoustic flooring has now been specified and supplied for a school in Worcestershire.  The Acousticel R10 system of … Continue reading

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QuietPanel Noise Control for Walls

QuietPanel is a 27.5mm thick screw applied solution to upgrade the sound insulation properties of any wall.  For best results QuietPanel can be used on single party walls of masonry construction or lighter weight stud walls.  Thicker solutions of acoustic … Continue reading

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Acoustic Underlay

Using our SBM5 Soundproofing Mat in addition to our popular QuietFloor Plus Acoustic Underlay for beneath carpets and engineered wood floors to control noise through a floor is being ordered a lot more these days.  The additional mass of 5kg/m2 … Continue reading

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SBM5 Sound Barrier Mat

SBM5 sound barrier mat is a mineral loaded, high density mat nominally 2mm thick and produced from recycled and recyclable materials with natural fillers.  SBM5 sound barrier mat is one of our most versatile products for upgrading the sound insulation … Continue reading

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