Acoustic Underlay

Using our SBM5 Soundproofing Mat in addition to our popular QuietFloor Plus Acoustic Underlay for beneath carpets and engineered wood floors to control noise through a floor is being ordered a lot more these days.  The additional mass of 5kg/m2 using SBM5 sound barrier mat helps to seal the joints of the floorboards making the soundproofing of the floor more effective.  With the addition of the SBM5 sound barrier mat beneath the QuietFloor acoustic underlay,  the total mass being added to the floor is equal to 20kg/m2 and combined with the resilient, sound absorbing infill sandwiched in the QuietFloor Plus creates a very efficient method of sound control.  This system also sold as our Gold Carpet Acoustic Underlay System on our domestic web site is one of the easiest systems that can be installed to increase the sound insulation of a floor.  No specialist knowledge is required and the system can be installed by any DIY orientated person.  Full installation instructions accompany every order or they can be downloaded from our web site.  Of course, if the additional SBM5 is not required, the QuietFloor Plus acoustic underlay still gives very good sound insulation when used on its own.  This is because of its heavy duty status with a mass of 15kg/m2 and unique design making it the best sound insulation available weight for weight.

So, if you want to do something about improving the sound insulation of a floor without the hassle of major disruption in removing floorboards, installing our QuietFloor Plus will be the best thing you can do and if the additional 2mm of SBM5 is used in addition, the results will amaze you.

For more information on our noise control products go to our web site or call us on 01993 704981


About Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd

UK Stockists and suppliers of a wide range of soundproofing and acoustic insulation materials for blocking and absorbing noise. We have been specialists in soundproofing and sound absorption since 1969 so one of the longest established businesses in the noise control industry.
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