QuietPanel Sound Insulation for Party Walls

QuietPanel is a 27.5mm thick screw applied solution to upgrade the sound insulation properties of any wall.  For best results QuietPanel can be used on single party walls of masonry construction or lighter weight stud walls.  Thicker solutions of acoustic insulation will nearly always give better results when trying to reduce noise through any wall but often a thicker solution is not possible for various reasons. 

That is why we introduced this ultra thin acoustic system which is designed for those that are unable to fit thicker, more efficient noise control systems due to the close proximity of doors or windows.

This thinner system for upgrading the sound insulation of walls is very popular and is also a favourite of construction companies when refurbishing houses or flats.  Because QuietPanel is so thin, it is a favoured option to upgrade the sound insulation of walls dividing rooms such as bedrooms in the home.  Modern properties are often built using lightweight stud walls to separate rooms and of course, these walls are not as acoustically efficient as the more traditional masonry walls.  It is well known that stud walls perform badly for noise insulation but now they can be upgraded using the QuietPanel system that is easy to screw on and takes up very little space.  So now you can obtain more privacy without losing too much space and using a system that will not break the bank.

For more information on QuietPanel including technical specifications and installation instructions, go to our web page via this link http://www.soundservice.co.uk/quietpanel-recycled-wall-soundproofing.html

or call us on 01993704981

About Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd

UK Stockists and suppliers of a wide range of soundproofing and acoustic insulation materials for blocking and absorbing noise. We have been specialists in soundproofing and sound absorption since 1969 so one of the longest established businesses in the noise control industry.
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